At the forefront of building design

Cantieri Edili uses the most advanced techniques of intelligent construction, management and control of safety, comfort, sustainability and eco-bio compatibility structures.


Completed projects


Construction sites open

The company

A story of Italian genius and commitment

A story of a family of entrepreneurs and many families of workers, engineers, surveyors who come together and collect the values ​​of excellence and professional ethics. Its development runs parallel to the development of our country, through the construction of public and private works, large constructions, infrastructures and innovative turnkey projects.



Our goal

Our professionalism and the will to build each work by linking it in a single conceptual and operational process with the need for well-being and quality of life.


More than 70 years of experience

The ability to understand and meet the needs of its customers, proposing solutions that represent the state of the art, from design to engineering, combining technological innovation, functionality, design and sustainability


The complete package

Specialization, internationalization and great ability and flexibility are the keys to success also made possible by the team of experts in the various sectors of construction, design, interior design and landscaping.

Our works

Multiple professionals for different projects

In the context of an increasingly demanding market, we have the possibility, thanks to the many professional skills that make up our team, to deliver each turnkey project, passing not only from design and construction, but also to the management of the completed works.