Institutional building

Institutional building

Guardia di Finanza – Pratica di Mare Airport

Granting of concession for the design and execution of the construction works of the infrastructures necessary for the expansion of the Aviation Center, and works necessary for the purpose of fire prevention adaptation to obtain the Fire Prevention Certificate. Construction work on the aircraft taxiway and other complementary works of the Aviation Center.

Institutional building

Higher School of Interior Administration

Construction of the real estate complex home to the Higher School of Internal Administration in Rome: residences, offices, lecture hall, classrooms, sports facilities (swimming pools, tennis courts, soccer field, gym), special security systems, helipad.

Institutional building

Ministry of the Interior – VV.FF.

Construction of a dormitory building with relative toilets and offices.

Institutional building

Air Force

Construction of the New GRAES Headquarters, offices, classrooms and services.

Institutional building

Arma dei Carabinieri -Caserma Grotte di Castro

Construction of housing, offices, detention rooms, special security systems.

Institutional building

School of Public Security- Caserma Piave

Realization of housing, offices and lecture hall in the Public Security School in Nettuno, Rome.

Institutional building

Ministry of Defense – Caserma ” Il Poggione”

Construction of new offices, accommodation, classrooms and special systems


Other projects

  • Presidency of the Republic

  • State Police

  • Ministero dei LL.PP.

  • Ministry of the Interior

  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

  • Ministry of Justice

  • Ministry of Foreign Trade

  • Finance Police

  • Coast Guard

  • Superior Council of the Judiciary

  • Carabinieri Army

  • Municipality of Terlago

    Construction of the new warehouse in the Municipality of Terlago, Province of Trento.

  • Municipality of Nave San Rocco (Tn)

    Reorganization and construction of ossuaries / cineraries in the cemetery of the Municipality of Nave San Rocco, Province of Trento.

  • Municipality of Cunevo (Tn)

    Functional recovery works and arrangement of the cemetery of the Municipality of Cunevo, Province of Trento.

  • Municipality of Campodenno (Tn)

    Internal refurbishment of the cemetery of the Municipality of Campodenno, Province of Trento.

  • Municipality of Mezzolombardo (Tn)

    Extraordinary maintenance works of the Ex Veronesi House, Municipality of Mezzolombardo, Province of Trento.